Fearless Four

Fearless Four

Fearless Four

The Great Peso (Mitchell Grant) b. 12/5/59
The Devastating Tito (Tito Jones) b. 5/27/64
Mighty Mike C (Michael Kevin Clee) b. 3/10/63
DLB, The Microphone Wizard (Daryl Barksdale) b. 4/25/??
O.C. (Oscar Rodriguez, Jr.) b. 9/22/62
Krazy Eddie (Eddie Thompson) b. 7/25/60

The Devastating Tito and Master OC were in a duo group called The Houserockers Crew.

Gradually they added members: Mike Ski, Troy B (formerly of the Disco Four), and the Great Peso were the first, though only Peso stayed on permanently. They also added a DJ named DJ Grand Supreme (who later came up with the name Fearless Four).

Troy B was replaced by DLB.

The lineup was finally completed by Mighty Mike C and second DJ, Krazy Eddie.

Following Kurtis Blow’s steps as the first rapper signed to a major label, they were the first hip hop group that was ever signed to a major label, Elektra.

Their biggest hit was the classic “Rockin’ It” in 1981.

Their only other notable hit was a collaboration with Kurtis Blow in 1983 called “Problems of the World Today” that fell along the same lines as Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five’s landmark song “The Message.”

Other tracks of note were “It’s Magic”, “Dedication,” and “You Can’t Rock Us.”

The Great Peso appeared on various tracks by Papa Austin’s “Wrong Girls to Play With”, Hiko’s “She’s Wild”, Mr. Nasty, and Master OC & Krazy Eddie in 1984 and 1985.

Their DJ’s made a couple of their own 12″ records on Next Plateau records in 1985 called “Masters of the Scratch” and “Private Lessons.”

The Great Peso released a track in 1985 called “Oh Girl I Wanna Rock Your World”, on Next Plateau.  The artist listed on the record is “The Great”.