Spoonie Gee

Spoonie Gee

Spoonie Gee,

born Gabriel Jackson, had something a lot of other old school hip hoppers didn’t have- an uncle in the music industry.

Bobby Robinson was already an accomplished producer when he decided to sign Spoonie to Enjoy! Records.

Although Spoonie originally wanted to be an R&B singer, he knew he didn’t have the voice for it.  So he took to rapping instead.  His uncle helped him get his first recording “Spoonin Rap” for a small record store recording, before moving him to Enjoy!.

Spoonie introduced his friends and band mates, The Treacherous Three, to Robinson who also signed them.  Their first Enjoy! single was Spoonie’s “Love Rap” with The Treacherous Three’s “New Rap Language” on the other side.  Spoonie and T3 shared Easy Lee as their DJ.

“Love Rap” earned Spoonie the reputation as the love rapper as its theme was different from just the normal party type song.

Like other Enjoy! artists, his contract was sold to Sugar Hill Records where he went on to record several songs including “Spoonie is Back” and “Monster Jam” with The Sequence.

In 1981, Spoonie made the move to Tuff City Records where he went on to record there with producers like Kurtis Blow’s deejay AJ and Davy DMX.

He recorded the album “The Godfather Of Rap” on Tuff City 1987 which was produced primarily by Marley Marl and Teddy Riley.  Stand out tracks were the single “The Godfather” and “Take It Off”.

Other 12′s include “All Shook Up” in late 1987 and “You Ain’t Just a Fool (But you’s an old fool)” in 1988.