Crash Crew

Crash Crew

Crash Crew

E.K. Mike C
La Shubee
Barry Bistro
Reggie Reg
DJ Darryl C (d. late 1990′s)

Formed in Harlem in 1977 by a group of high school pals, they began giving performances at neighborhood playgrounds.

Mike C worked in a recording studio and invited the crew down there.  They wrote rhymes on the way there and the song turned into the hip hop classic “High Powered Rap.”  They pressed the records themselves and sold them out of their trunks right to their fans.

Someone of Sugar Hill Records heard the song and gave it to Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five to perform.  This caused a bit of a feud between the two groups for a time.

Eventually the Crash Crew signed on to Sugar Hill Records and recorded several tracks.

EK Mike C lives in NY and drives transit buses.  Barry works as a security guard at the Nation’s Capitol.  La Shubee is the assistant director at NYU food services.

A new release of their singles was released this in 2000.