Kangol Kid
Doctor Ice
Educated Rapper
Mixmaster Ice

This Brooklyn based group (Untouchable Force Organization) released one of hip hop’s most important and successful records, “Roxanne, Roxanne” in 1984.  Before that record they were official dancers for Whodini.

It spawned over 100 answer records, the most famous of which was from Roxanne Shante.

After their first album, the Educated Rapper left the group.  They recorded “Skeezer Pleezer,” which featured the popular song “Split Personality,” he returned for the rest of the tenure.

Their next album “Lethal” went for a darker and frankly, more foul mouthed approach.  The Educated Rapper returned.  The group recorded a track with Anthrax (pre-dating that groups work with Public Enemy).

They never really reached the plateau they set for themselves with “Roxanne…” and as a result most of their later work was ignored.  They have a greatest hits album that is good, but not comprehensive of the group’s often times overlooked talent.

Doctor Ice recorded solo albums that also failed to gain a lot of attention, but were not all that bad of a listen.

Many of the members are still active in the hip hop community and are working on new material.

The group has appeared at a few shows in the 2000′